Photo Block: Richmond, VA: S. Addison St. – Parkwood Ave. – S. Stafford Ave. – W. Cary St. (October 2021)

In an attempt to find photo projects that I can fit into my schedule, I came up with the idea to do a photo walk around a single city block as a format that could be repeated. This was after some particularly strong and good coffee from Lamplighter on South Addison Street in Richmond, Virginia on a day I took off for myself.

A few self-imposed rules for this “Photo Block” format:

  1. Start on one street, and walk around the block taking pictures, finishing on the last street of the block without returning to the starting street.
  2. When editing the photos, experiment with colors, filters, crops etc.; the set does not need to have the same editing applied across all photos.
  3. When posting the photos, the title should be in the format of “City: Street Name, Street Name, … (Month Year)” [not all blocks have four streets of course].
  4. When posting the photos, they should be posted in the order shot — this is the order in which my eye saw the street around me.

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