Reject the idea of running Google Analytics on your blog

The obsession with metrics and page views and all that can lead to unhealthy behavior when it comes to how you think about your blog. Write for yourself. Outcomes are what matter. Outcomes happen when good content is seen by the right people, maybe even just the right person.

The rest is just what Eric Ries and others would call vanity metrics.

I do care about inbound referring domains though, when they aren’t a bunch of link spam. They can lead to real outcomes.

The /drafts folder

There’s a lot of good ideas in there. Maybe a wiki is better than a blog so things can be stubbed out and evolved.

That’s what I was trying to do with the old version of this site on GitHub – treat it like a collection of HTML documents. Maybe I got sidetracked fiddling with Jekyll, maybe I got sidetracked by just not devoting enough time to make updates. If things weren’t in Drafts, they were likely on a Trello card somewhere.

Posting to Twitter and more recently Anchor appeal to me more than long form content like blogs, Medium, and Podcasts, but I find myself wanting to do things longer form. Focus is just so hard to find. Second to that, inspiration?