I enjoy discussing ideas that lead to new opportunities for collaboration with people. I've put this site together to help you, random internet stranger (or hapless acquaintance who I've sent here) get a better understanding of what I'm in to and how we might work together.

Current Collaborations

These are the things I'm actively working on:

APIvista - Enabling API Success

In August of 2016 I joined up with a few other people and we launched APIvista, a professional and managed services company focused on working with organizations to enable success with their API initiatives.

Lighthouse Labs RVA

Lighouse Labs is a 13-week startup accelerator located in Richmond, VA. I'm back as a mentor for Batch 4, having previously worked with great startups like Painless1099, PartyRVA (now OccasionGenius), Tenant Turner, Refersal, and Speakeasy in Batches 1-3.

API Craft RVA Meetup

I formed API Craft RVA in May 2014 and am thrilled that it has grown into a well-attended Meetup. That would not have been possible without my co-organizers, the speakers who have created content for the events, and the members who have no shortage of interest & great questions.

Our Fall 2016 Series schedule is:

Events & Speaking Engagements

Meeting people in person around a common theme is [pretty awesome]. These are the upcoming conference and events that I'm planning to attend. If you're going to one of these, let's chat! If you'd like me to speak at your event, please get in touch..

Networks & Communities

BBSs -> FidoNet -> USENET -> WWW -> Social Networks -> Today. Online communities have been a part of my collaborations for a long, long time. These are ones I maintain a presence on currently:

Intermittent Projects & Research

These are a few half-formed ideas that I chip away on every now and then.

Past Collaborations & Projects

To round out what I've gotten into over the years, here's a few collaborations & projects that I'm proud of and/or were important learning experiences for me (see my LinkedIn profile for complete vocational info).

Other Areas of Interest (Future Collaborations?)

This is where you, gentle reader, come in. The list below are things I'm particularly interested in exploring - but are by no means the only things I'm interested in.

  • Marketing automation
  • CRM systems
  • On-demand economy / digital nomad / minimalism
  • An agricultural venture in the area of beer or wine
  • Film photography & analog workflows
  • Boat building

If you are looking for a collaborator in one of those areas, or have an idea for collaboration that looks like it might align with any of my experience, please get in touch!


Lastly, here's an incomplete list of things I've come across that I found particularly influential on how I approach my work and creative process. I hope you find them worth your time as well.